Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin. They are placed on the facade of the front teeth. These veneers fill gaps between teeth, change their shape, colour, and size, and can correct minor misalignments. Our laboratory manufactures porcelain veneers that are indefinitely stain resistant and look completely natural.

Composite veneers

Composite veneers bear the colour of the tooth. Composite resins enable teeth to regain a healthy and attractive state. They are made in a clinic and certainly have an economic advantage.

Teeth Whitening

Our dental clinic offers teeth whitening using several different teeth whitening methods. After a dental consultation, we will be able to recommend the type of treatment that best suits you.

Chairside bleaching

The chairside treatment takes place in the office with your professional. Simple and fast, this type of teeth whitening is performed in a single session lasting just over an hour.
A whitening product is then applied to the teeth and activated with a light. A few subsequent applications of the whitening product at home will maximize the effect of the treatment.

Take-Home whitening

Teeth whitening can also be done at home. The treatment consists of wearing trays that have been filled with a whitening gel. The product can be applied during the day or at night, depending on your lifestyle. Your teeth whitening dentist will be able to help you choose the formula that best suits you.

Complete Dental Restoration

With complete dental rehabilitation, it is possible to regain a smile that is both aesthetically and functionally balanced, while rejuvenating the appearance of the face.

Remedying tooth structure loss through dentistry

Tooth structure loss is common and can lead to various aesthetic and functional problems related to dental movements, such as pain and cracking in the jaw joint. Involuntary rubbing of upper teeth on lower teeth due to clenching or poor occlusion can cause premature wear and a decrease in vertical dimension, which can sag the soft tissues around the mouth and accentuate the appearance of aging on the face.

Tooth replacement

It is recommended to quickly replace a missing tooth, as it can disrupt the oral balance and affect chewing and digestion. In addition, the tooth opposite the missing one can gradually move, and neighboring teeth can also shift, making them harder to maintain and more vulnerable to decay.

Tooth elongation

Have you noticed that your smile reveals too much gum or that your teeth seem shorter? To correct this, two interventions can be used: gingivoplasty and gingivectomy. These natural treatments aim to balance the length of the teeth and the visible portion of the gums. Gingivoplasty, for example, improves the shape of the gums to avoid an irregular contour of the teeth. On the other hand, gingivectomy harmonizes the height of the gum around the tooth or teeth by removing gingival tissue. You will thus have a more aesthetic smile thanks to the “reworked” gum.

Diastema closure

Dental diastema, spaces between adjacent teeth, are often present in the upper incisors and can be considered unsightly. If you want to remedy this, different options can be offered to you to close the space between the teeth. Although they generally do not cause functional problems, most people prefer to have a smile without visible diastemas.

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